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About Us




I am the father of three fantastic children, two grown up boys and a teenaged daughter, and I am also blessed with having two beautiful grandchildren. I have always had a love and passion for photography  for over  25 years.  I have an interest in capturing all types of subjects including portraits, weddings, landscapes, fashion and commercial. My passion for photographing babies and children started at home with my own family and I find this aspect of photography very rewarding. I decided to share my talent by opening a business which offered families the opportunity to capture their baby's beauty, personality, energy and special moments in images that they can cherish, share and look back on for a lifetime. I opened Baby Lounge Photography in 2013 and the business, which is based on recommendations from happy parents who have been delighted with the photographs I have created for them, has gone from strength to strength. I enjoy working at Baby Lounge very much and have plans to extend the range of photographs and services I offer at the moment with new and exciting techniques in the coming months and years. 



Gemma is friendly and bubbly and she is vital to our work at Baby Lounge. She has three beautiful but feisty daughters and is comfortable working with newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and often awkward teens. Gemma creates fantastic poses and distracts and occupies our little film stars so we can get the gorgeous shots that you all love.  Gemma is very friendly, quite spiritual, loves yoga and meditation and has many talents including a childcare qualification, she is a le Leche qualified breast feeding support worker and she also has a qualification in British Sign Language which enables her to  communicate using BSL and Baby Sign! With all her knowledge and  experience she completely understands the needs of a newborn and helps parents and older babies and children to relax and to feel comfortable and at ease.



Capturing those precious moments when your baby is just days old is something every parent is determined to do. In this era of smart phones we are constantly documenting our lives, Baby Lounge offers you something very special, we have had specific training in the art of posing new born babies which produces fantastic, bespoke images of your little one that you can keep forever.


The start of your babies story/ journey can be captured with maternity photographs. This is a unique time in your life, and one day, we are certain, you will look back at those memories and miss being pregnant. Whether 16 weeks with a gentle bump or 35 weeks and unmistakably pregnant, we can capture images of that special time that you can keep with you forever.

Toddlers & Children

Determined, stubborn, mischievous, energetic but above all precious and beautiful, we want to help you to capture the unique energy of your child and cherish it forever.


Perhaps the hardest photograph to get is one of all the family. We create a relaxed environment where you can all be together, having fun. The images we create will capture those special moments so you can look back at them throughout you life and remember the fun times you had together as a family. 

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